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I am a writer, spiritual astrologist, bespoke retreat curator and human relationship expert

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An Alchemist Of The Heart

My purpose is to help people open their hearts, to heal and embrace the radical acceptance of self-growth so that they may live more authentically, love more fully and seize each day, each moment as the divine gift it is.

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You Only Fall In Love Three Times, Tarcher 2020

Written In The Stars, New World Library, 2024

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Through a unique curated experience you can travel with Kate Rose to inspiring locations around the world to discover your authentic wildness and heal your heart.

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Grow With Kate


Individual Sessions

Whether you are seeking one time guidance

or want to regularly work together we will bring clarity to your life path or within your romantic relationship as we explore themes, patterns and focus on how to best implement your highest self and genuine healing.

Couples Relationship Sessions

Together and by yourself we will dive into you and your partner each feeling seen and heard for your true selves. As we develop a plan through intentional love, fostering of autonomy and of achieving balance within the masculine and feminine energies we will create the space for a dynamic conscious union.

Genealogy Astrology Reading

In a unique astrology reading we will explore the wounds, patterns and dynamics of your soul’s experiences in this lifetime bringing clarity and confirmation to whether you are in a soulmate, karmic or twin flame connection and helping you to continue to evolve into your ultimate fate.

Journey To The Soul Bespoke Retreat

El Salvador, July 11-17, 2024

With perfect luxury in an oceanfront setting that will set you free

from the stresses of everyday life, join me for a healing retreat that will unlock secrets from your past life as you are encouraged to radically

embrace your divine authenticity.

Start your morning with Yin Yoga and Past Life Meditations, enjoying three farm-to-table curated meals daily, smoothies, and a magical evening beach bonfire dinner under the light of the Moon.

Included in pricing are meals, nonalcoholic beverages for 6 nights and 7 days, airport transfers, horseback riding, volcano hike, jungle waterfall tour, intention candle making, spa massage, sound bath, local volunteer opportunities, and specialized workshops with Kate Rose.

Volcano in El Salvador
El Imposible Forest National Park, El Salvador

Beachfront Treehouse,

4500 usd inclusive

Beach Bungalow,

3600 usd inclusive

Meditating in nature

"We can't be loved for who we really are until we make the choice to be our true selves.”

- Kate Rose

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Grow Into Who You Are Meant To Become

My work with individuals, couples, families, and children is geared toward a full spectrum approach of the whole self.

On this journey of healing, a focus on the inner child and early life conditioning becomes the source and beginning point of undoing what is preventing growth and true happiness.

Genealogy Astrology for clarity of growth and relationships, Couple Intimacy techniques, progressive self-healing through transparency and journal prompts provide a deep space of lasting embodiment as you are guided to step into your healthiest and most joyful self.

Grow &Travel With Kate

-Individual Counseling Sessions

-Relationship Guidance

-Inner Child Healing

-Genealogy Astrology Reading

-Bespoke Retreats

Individual Sessions, $155 usd

Genealogy Astrology Readings, $211 usd

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Alchemist Of The Heart

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Counseling Session

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